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By Dexter McGriff, Publisher Bullhead City Guide Feb. 07, 2022

A Welcome From Mayor Tom Brady

Visit - - Click Here!

Thanks Mayor Tom Brady - You are The G.O.A.T.!

The Mayor's Team 

- Click Here -

Vice Mayor D'Amico, Council Member Norma Brummett, Council Member Dr. Waheed Zehri, Council Member Annette Wegman, Council Member Grace Hecht, and Council Member Rodney Head

Watch TV4 - Government Access Television. TV4 is Bullhead City's Information Station. TV4 Brocasts the city's council and commision meetings on local cable, produces short videos for the city, documents important city events with video footage, and broadcasts a digital billboard with PSA's from the local community. TV4 also streams the city's meetings live online and makes many of its productions available to watch online at any time. -Learn more - click here!

Learn More (Council Agendas & Videos) - click here!


Communicating with Our Local Government Just Got Easier!

Mobile View - Click Here!

Bullhead City Direct App Video - Click Here!


Bullhead City Special Election

August 2, 2022


2022 Election Information for Bullhead City Council Candidates - Click Here!

Request for Early Ballot Form (To receive your ballots by mail and not vote in person at the polls or at an early voting site.) - Click Here!

Voter Registration - Click Here!



 Mayor Tom Brady, thank you, you are the G.O.A.T., the greatest of all time as mayor of Bullhead City. Residents and visitors love the "model" American small community environment which is Bullhead City.

Located off the Colorado River and surrounded by the panoramic view of the mountains and the beautiful homes, apartments, condos, mobile homes, RV parks and so much more, who would not want to live or visit our Desert Oasis.

Mayor Brady just driving down HWY 95, it is wonderful to see the tribute to our Bullhead City military members who paid the ultimate sacrifice for all Americans to enjoy the bounties of our greatness as a nation.

There will be a special election on August 2, 2022, to find your replacement after your term ends in November. The new mayor will have a big advantage with the template you are leaving behind.

Mayor Brady, I read an article by Jim Luksic, The Daily News and you said the best government is small government. This is the reason why you stated that there is not an R or D before a council person's name.

I took that to mean that there is no party affiliation involved in local government and that when voters of Bullhead City are making a voting choice for the August 2nd Special Election, one should not vote along the lines of the party but for the individual and what that person brings to the position.

Like Tom Brady, Mr. Mayor you got things done by leaving politics at the door. And doing what you felt was right for the people of Bullhead City.

You have so much to be proud of Mayor Brady. Ex-President Donal Trump's visit put Bullhead City on the map and you a Democrat Mayor of Bullhead greeted the ex-president during his visit. Your vision for Bullhead City was boosted by that visit.

Economic Development - Bullhead city is the retail hub of Mohave County, Arizona, and Southern Clark County, Nevada. More than 118,000 people live within 20 miles of the many shops, restaurants, and retail centers in Bullhead city.

Mayor Brady, we can see all the economic growth in Bullhead City in plain sight. There is new home construction happening in every sector of Bullhead City, a second bridge, connecting Bullhead City and Laughlin is scheduled for completion in 2023, a new Holiday Inn in Bullhead is scheduled to provide additional hotel rooms, Davis Camp Park is expanding outdoor events and activities. New businesses are being opened each month. So much visible growth. The growth is amazing. This is all happening due to your leadership.



We invite our website visitors from around the world to visit Bullhead City's website - click here - this is Bullhead City because of the leaderdership of Mayor Tom Brady.

This is how small government should work. On the home page of the website you will find an app to download and report city issues you find around Bullhead City with the Bullhead City direct app. To learn more and download the app please watch this short video - click here!


Watch More Videos

Bullhead City Community Park - click here!

Heritage Trail in Bullhead City - click here!

Sports tourism at Rotary Park - click here!

Pets available for adoption - click here!

Government Access Television - click here!



Mayor Brady - Thank You!

Your accomplishments during the past 8 years are well documented. Mayor Brady Bullhead City will miss you. You are one of a kind, and it will not be easy to replace your leadership style. Wishing you much joy and happiness. Mayor Brady, it's time to do you. Enjoy the sunrises and sunsets in the beautiful community you have created for everyone to enjoy and prosper.       

Mayor Brady worked with everyone to make Bullhead City a great place to live and visit. The special election on August 2nd is very important.

We are encouraging everyone to be informed about who is on the ballot on August 2nd. Due to Covid-19 concerns voting may be done by mail.

What does this mean? It means if you are registered to vote you will be receiving a ballot to vote in the Special Election. Mayor Brady, Council Members Steve D'Amico and Annette Wegmann are currently serving four-year terms that will expire in November 2022. Two 2-year Council Member terms became available upon the recent passing of Vice Mayor Kathy Bruck and Council Member John Mieding.

If you are interested in picking up a candidate nomination packet, please contact the City Clerk, at 928-763-9400, Ext. 8468, or email

Please visit for more information - Click here!





Tuesday, August 2, 2022


There is no excuse NOT to vote for Your next Mayor of Bullhead City!


Due to Covid-19 concerns many may be voting by mail, if you desire to vote my mail - please click here to learn more about voting methods and requirements. Registered voters may request to be placed on the permanent early voting list and will automatically be mailed a ballot 27 days before all elections in which the voter is qualified to vote. This allows you to vote at your convenience. Contact Voter Registration at 928-753-0767 or click here!


Tell me, when you receive a bill in the bill, do you ignore it and leave it unattended? Not paying your bills has consequences. If you are a registered voter you will receive a ballot to be completed and mailed in. It's that simple. Complete your mail and mail it in just like it is a bill. Vote and elect the person You want to be the next mayor of Bullhead City.

Not Voting Has Consequences!

- Vote August 2, 2020 -



Make Your Destination Bullhead City

To watch more videos - visit our YouTube Channel - Click Here!

Things To Do In Bullhead City - Click Here!

The Bullhead City Chamber - Online Resource!










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